Purchasing Staff Job In Philippines

Purchasing Staff Job In Philippines

The Philippines has become a center for different sectors, drawing in talent from both the local and international scenes. Purchasing staff job in the country has become increasingly attractive for job seekers due to the thriving economy and wide range of job opportunities available. Comprehensive information will be provided in this article to assist individuals in obtaining staff positions in the Philippines.

LocationMalabon City, Philippines
CompanyNew Flavor House Inc.
ExperiencePrevious work experience of 1 years min in a similar role
QualificationCollege degree
IncomePHP 15,000 – PHP 21,000

Responsibilities Of Purchasing Staff Job

  • The primary responsibility of purchasing staff is to identify potential suppliers and evaluate the products or services they offer.
  • They assess various factors, including quality, price, and reliability, to compare the suppliers.
  • They work closely with the procurement team to determine the most suitable vendors.
  • They engage in discussions with suppliers to obtain the most favorable prices, conditions, and terms. After reaching agreements, they take charge of creating and overseeing contracts to ensure mutual compliance.
  • They also generate and handle purchase orders, which act as official records detailing the items or services to be acquired, agreed-upon prices, and delivery schedules.
  • Purchasing staff job oversee stock levels, study demand trends, and work together with other departments to achieve proper supply management.
  • They also create reports that offer insights into spending habits, supplier effectiveness, and maximizing cost efficiency.
  • The purchasing staff collaborates closely with quality control teams to ensure that the goods adhere to the designated criteria.


Requirements Of This Position

  • A bachelor’s degree in fields such as business administration, supply chain management, procurement, or a related discipline is required.
  • One to three years of experience in purchasing or vendor management is necessary to have a strong grasp of the procurement process.
  • Effective negotiation skills are essential for purchasing staff job holders as they need to secure favorable terms, prices, and agreements with suppliers.

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