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Production Supervisor Job In Sharjah UAE

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Production Supervisor Job In Sharjah UAE

The UAE has become a key center for manufacturing and production worldwide, thanks to its speedy industrialization and economic diversification. The role of a production supervisor job is crucial in maintaining the smooth and efficient operation of manufacturing processes within this sector.

This article explores the duties and requirements of being a production supervisor in Sharjah UAE.

LocationSharjah, UAE
CompanyAnchor Allied Factory
ExperiencePrevious work experience in similar role
EducationDegree in Electrical Engineering
IncomeAED 3000/month

Duties Required For Production Supervisor Job

  • Production supervisors oversee the creation of production schedules, allocation of resources, and achievement of production targets.
  • They require a strong attention to detail in order to streamline production processes.
  • They must enforce and oversee quality control protocols to guarantee that products adhere to global benchmarks.
  • Optimizing resource utilization is crucial for efficient management of labor, equipment, and materials. This ensures cost reduction.
  • They are tasked with the responsibility of enforcing safety protocols, performing routine safety inspections, and ensuring that all employees receive adequate safety training.
  • They must also possess strong troubleshooting skills and the ability to promptly resolve any production issues that may arise.
  • It is essential for production supervisor job holder to identify and implement effective solutions to problems that could potentially disrupt the smooth flow of the production process.
  • They should have proficiency in operating and preserving various types of machinery, including but not limited to winding, cutting, and packing equipment.



  • Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering.
  • Preferred candidates should have a minimum of 4-5 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.
  • Strong preference for those with experience in the tape industry.
  • Candidates seeking this production supervisor job must have knowledge of ERP systems.
  • They should have proficiency in overseeing and managing rates of rejection.

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