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HSE Engineer Job In Qatar

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HSE Engineer Job In Doha Qatar

In the fast-changing field of workplace safety and health, the importance of HSE engineers or Health and Safety engineers has grown significantly. Qatar offers a distinctive and vibrant atmosphere for professionals in the industrial sector, thanks to its rapidly growing industry and dedication to sustainable development. This article explores the job duties, requirements of an HSE engineer position in Qatar.

LocationDoha, Qatar
CompanyCandidzone Qatar
ExperiencePrevious work experience of 10 years in similar role
Income$1,500- $2,000/month

Duties Of HSE Engineer Job

  • HSE Engineer is responsible for performing thorough risk assessments to determine potential hazards and implementing strategies to reduce risks.
  • They should have knowledge of both local and international safety regulations and should ensure that the workplace complies with these standards.
  • They need to perform investigations of accidents and incidents, examination of root causes, and implementation of preventive measures.
  • Designing and evaluating emergency response plans to effectively manage potential crises like fires, chemical spills, or natural disasters.
  • They also provide employees with HSE training, fostering a culture that prioritizes safety, and promoting knowledge of best practices.


Prerequisites Of This Position

  • Preferably in a field related to health, safety, or environmental engineering, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering is desired.
  • At least ten years of experience in the same industry and role is required.
  • Individuals seeking this HSE Engineer position should have familiarity with MEP technical knowledge and the ability to update data in CRM.
  • They must have a NEBOSH and IOSH certified professional OHS qualification.


The significance of an HSE engineer in Qatar lies in the promotion of a secure and eco-friendly workplace. HSE engineers play a vital role in safeguarding both individuals and the environment, while also enhancing the overall prosperity and standing of businesses active in Qatar.

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