Construction labourer job in UK

Construction Labourer Job In Cambridge UK

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The construction sector in the UK is a driving force behind economic growth and the development of infrastructure. Construction laborers, stand behind every towering skyscraper, sprawling housing development, and a sturdy bridge. In this article, we will explore construction labourer job in the UK. We will discuss their responsibilities, requirements, and the important role they play in shaping the nation’s physical landscape.

LocationCambridge, UK
CompanyRandstad Construction & Property
ExperiencePrevious work experience in similar role preferred
QualificationCSCS card

Responsibilities Of Construction Labourer Job

  • Labourers have the duty of moving building materials, equipment, and tools to and from the construction site. This includes
    • Lifting heavy objects
    • Making sure that the required supplies are easily accessible for the merchant.
  • They help with the cleaning and preparation of the site, ensuring a safe and well-organized construction environment.
  • They collaborate closely with other merchants, including carpenters, and plumbers, by assisting in the preparation and tidying of workspaces, and offering overall assistance.
  • Construction labourer job also requires upholding safety in construction sites. They play a vital role in implementing safety protocols, such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and following safety guidelines.
  • Working under the direction and guidance of the project manager, site manager, and assistant site manager.



  • Candidates applying for this construction labourer job must possess the necessary legal qualifications to work in the UK.
  • They must have a valid CSCS card as it shows that they have acquired a fundamental understanding of health and safety in the construction sector.
  • They must possess a high level of physical fitness and be able to engage in manual labor for long periods as this job entails physically demanding tasks.
  • Effective communication skills are required as they are essential for comprehending and adhering to instructions provided by supervisors.

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