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20 Customer Support Vacancies In Australia

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Customer Support job in Sydney Australia

Australia is famous for its breathtaking scenery and lively urban centers, providing a wide range of job prospects. Customer support is an essential aspect that significantly impacts customer satisfaction and overall business success. In this article, we will provide insight into the intricacies of the industry, prerequisites of the job, and the duties necessary for success in this fulfilling profession.

LocationSydney, Australia
CompanyAlexander Appointments
ExperiencePrevious work experience of three years in similar field

Duties Of Customer Support Job

  • Customer support job holders and responsible for delivering exceptional customer service as the initial point of contact, ensuring a professional and high-quality experience for customers.
  • They need to respond to inquiries promptly and with accuracy.
  • They will need to operate contact centre telephony and other communication systems to handle a large influx of incoming calls.
  • Gather all required details to route calls to the relevant contact center expert.
  • They also need to acknowledge and duly note customer complaints, ensuring accurate recording.
  • Provide resolution outcomes for customer complaints.
  • Investigate and resolve inquiries by gathering and organizing information.
  • Complex complaints should be escalated to senior team members by customer support agents.
  • Ensure accurately capturing, processing, and lodging customer information and transaction records into the database.
  • They should ensure compliance with all privacy and confidentiality laws, preserving the integrity of information.
  • Records and databases are to be managed meticulously to guarantee utmost integrity and accuracy.


Prerequisites Of This Job

  • Individuals applying for this customer support job should have minimum of two years of experience in a high-volume contact centre.
  • They must have exemplary communication abilities, whether expressed orally or through writing.
  • Should be possessing excellent organizational skills, capable of efficiently managing tasks and effectively prioritizing deadlines.
  • High level of computer skills and expertise in using MS Office suite will be required for this vacancy.
  • Should be able to work a flexible schedule between 7am – 7pm, on all working days.

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